Chemical Plant

Chemical Plant logo
Chemical Plant live
Photo: Rick O’Toole.

Ashley Davies & Richard Gallon are the creative force behind the industrial / electronic group Chemical Plant, with help from various collaborators. The sound is a balance of hypnotic percussion and experimental/ambient sound montages, mixed with ethereal vocals and paranoid commentaries.

Chemical Plant – live 05/05/1994, Bar Sate, London

Chemical Plant have created soundtracks for films, live performances for art installations (Anne Sorenson’s DISTURBANCE) and a site-specific sound improvisation, documented as The Cold Store Tapes.

Chemical Plant relaxing, January 2019
Chemical Plant, January 2019

Industrial. Noise. Beats. Always.

Related projects include Funkturm, Headbutt, London Dirthole Company and various visual art and performance projects. After a long hiatus, a new album is currently being written, for release late 2020.