Stored – The Cold Store 12″ re-mix ep

ADOR769, 1998

The Cold Store Tapes has been remixed and re-interpreted for the dance floor. The original full CD release captures an improvised acoustic performance in all of its raw intensity and allure. The re-discovery of the original master tapes and a growing interest generated by the few copies still in circulation, has led to this underground curio’s re-release on D.O.R. In part, as a result of interest renewed by various remixers, who have tried to obtain copies because of the tracks’ specific and unusual feel and dynamic range.

Shiver side:

  • Tasha Killer Pussies (Megadog, Tresor, Bag) – 2.11 (re-mixed)
    Four to the floor beat breakdown which accentuates the darkness and huge ambience of the original setting.

Chill side:

  • Sucker (Jym and Zam of Loop Guru) – 4.57 (re-mixed)
    Funkedelic breakbeat sprinkled with flautation and euphonics
  • Sepia – 2.32 (re-mixed)
    As urban as Bronx hip-hop

Stored Remixes - V/A
Stored Remixes – V/A