Prana and Drum – Koan (ADOR2341)


Live recording by Kuljit Bhamra and Martin Lee-Stephenson


Prana and Drum was recorded live in the Red Fort 24 track analogue studio in Southall, England. No samples, sequencers or computers were used in the recording.

The music crosses genres, ideas and cultures – Persian, Punjabi, African and other ethnic instruments and styles are blended with western bass lines, guitars and drums.

The album is co-produced by tabla and Indian Drum notation exponent Kuljit Bhamra OBE and Martin Lee-Stephenson. They perform with their favoured instruments and a range of others.

The other musicians featured are Persian music expert Christoph Bracher on Djembe and Zarb; drummer Lol Gellor and vocalists Faye Rochelle and Anita Masih


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