Fork’s music is based on improvisation. The players act as ‘sample’ (as opposed to disc) jockeys, merging and manipulating sounds in real time. This process gives the music its spontaneity and edge, but also means that nothing can be expected. Everything leans towards happy sonic accidents, unexpected melanges, continual surprise, minimum predictability. The sample is thus used as a live instrument, a library of sound from which musical pieces are formed instantaneously.

The project focuses on uncertain emotional impact, uncalculated risks and results: the research of immediacy versus programming. In this way, Fork show that contemporary electronic music and live performance are not as mutually exclusive as they sometimes appear to be. The process of making music is as important as the result, but technique does not impede the power of music upon human sensitivities. This is the concept, which Fork aim to combine with visuals (films for the soundtracks waiting to be created) for live performances

Fork recordings use samplers to create live ambient beatscapes. A selection of these recordings – Autoscript – is available via Apple Music.

Listen to Fork’s ‘Dumb’ from the Step Into Dubizm compilation.