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Tasha Killer Pussies

Tasha is the remaining member of the duo the Killer Pussies.

She also records under the name Vixen and with Chris Liberator as C.A.T.

Tasha Killer Pussies releases are:
promo 12"one-sided singles Acid Baby/Detroit Babes and Operatika
the12" ep singles Hoover Baby/BabesIn Space/Bongo Bananas
Killa Wipers/Redemption
Killa Wipers/Vixen's Carwash Remix
Biker Bird/Desire
The album Shake 'N' Vac

She has also contributed tracks to the following compilations:
MC Teabags Herbal Highs, DJ Divas, Female Of The Species and Air: The Elements Series Volume 4

include Danni's All I Wanna Do, Disremembrance and Everything I Wanted for DMC, Chemical Plant's The Cold Store Tapes for D.O.R, Spooncurve's Each Tear for Better Records.

Tasha is currently recording new material for release