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D.O.R. Shop - Current Releases

The CDs listed on this page which feature the BUY icon next to them can be purchased here through Paypal. We accept secure payment via credit card, you do not have to join Paypal to pay by credit card. Alternatively, you can set up your own Paypal account and pay using your debit card. Our CD prices include post and packing anywhere in the world. Prices are in US$, but you can pay using Euros, Pounds Sterling and Yen too.

For further information on unreleased items,click on the ENQUIRE icon and mail us.

You can view your selected purchases at any time by clicking on the VIEW icon.

You can also contact us at: PO Box 1797 LONDON E1 4TX ENGLAND

E-Mail Us:shop@dor.co.uk or fax us: 0 (044) 20 7790 0764

You can view the Full Catalogue here

Artist Title Format Label Catalogue No Price U.K. including postage Price Europe including postage Price U.S.A and Rest of World including postage
Apeiron Sentimental Sickness CD D.O.R ADOR 4327 £7.50 €9.75 $15.00
Apollon/Muslimgauze Dark Thoughts CD D.O.R ADOR 2333 $15.00
Apollon/Muslimgauze Year Zero CD D.O.R ADOR 2351 $15.00
Apollon Aleatorical CD D.O.R ADOR 2371 $15.00
Apollon Crowned and Conquering Child CDR D.O.R ADOR 2377 $13.00
A_Symetric Minds Abrasive and Mellow CD D.O.R ADOR 3109  
Copyright Clearance e-CD Imprint IPR 607 $7.00
Copyright Reverse/ Certain 7" Imprint IPR 601 $4.00
Doppler 20:20 Klangfarbenmelodie CD D.O.R ADOR 2311 $15.00
Doppler 20:20 Musica Liquida CD D.O.R ADOR 2381 sept 2007
Funkturm Strata CD D.O.R ADOR 419 $15.00
Green Violonite Club Music For The Cloudy Escape CD D.O.R ADOR 6121 $15.00
Koan Prana and Drum CD D.O.R ADOR 2341 $15.00
Moondogg God's Wallop CD D.O.R ADOR 811 $15.00
nomadstation Acoustic Alchemy CD D.O.R ADOR 251 2007
Spooncurve are friends symmetric CD D.O.R ADOR 2389 $15.00
Spooncurve Hurt Me, I'm Yours CDRS D.O.R ADOR 2383 $7.00
Spooncurve When Daylight Comes CDRS D.O.R ADOR 2399 $7.00
Spooncurve Clairsentience CD D.O.R ADOR 2411 $15.00
The Elements Series Volume 4 Air CD D.O.R ADOR 199 available on itunes
Zoviet France the decriminalisation of country music CD Tramway TRAM 1 $17.00
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