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Dark Thoughts
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Year Zero
ADOR 2351 2000 D.O.R.
Lips Of Her Mentor And Henna Adorner
    Ornaments Inside Youssefs Souvenir Lock-Up 3:45
    Jerez Innermost Brothel 5:58
    Tangier Box 8:40
    Camel Turning The Well Wheel 2:38
    Let Hassan Dab You 3:48
    Cafe Saf Saf Orange 4:09
    American Flag In Gaza 6:24
    Urdu An Arabik 3:15
    Souk Of Perfume Cellers 3:25
    Marrakesh Flyswot 2:27
    No Words From Taslima Nasreen 1:52
    Khost Travel Document 7:36
    Dar Ben Abdallah Merchant 2:44
    Harrakat-Ul-Ansar, Speak For Us 4:10

Year Zero is the second album of collaborative work from Apollon/Muslimgauze and is also Muslimgauze's last recorded work before he died.

The album uses dark textural soundscapes and cut-ups - the sonic equivalents of William Burroughs writings - interwoven with experimental electronic beats and pulse, ranging from mock dub to crunch drum + bass and middle-eastern patterns and sounds. The dynamic shifts between padded eerie ambience, full-on electronica and white noise distortions give the listener a feeling of unease while the concept is unfolding over 15 tracks and 66 minutes.

A rare collaborative work from Muslimgauze, the two artists work with synergy to create a truly remarkable and powerful album. The album was officially released on 1st January 2000.