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Various - Almanac 2004
Seeing the Unseen ADOR 223 2004 D.O.R.

Suma - Funkturm "Strata"

    Crome Yellow - Doppler 20:20 "Musica Liquida" 4:09
    Dunce Meditation - A_Symetric Minds "abrasive and mellow" 4:35
    Candlewax - Spooncurve "Are Friends Symmetric" 5:14
    Lovesick, Pessimistic - Apeiron "Sentimental Sickness" 4:58
    I have this one afternoon - nomadstation "Acoustic Alchemy" 4:18
    Opening The Veil - Apollon - "Aleatorical"
    Theme for an Imaginary Romance - Koan "Prana and Drum" 6:02
    Different waves for a paved beach - Doppler 20:20 "Klangfarbenmelodie" 4:57
    American Flag in Gaza - Apollon/Muslimgauze - "Year Zero" 6:24
    Call Sign - Funkturm "Urban Mantras"
    2.07 Chemical Plant "The Cold Store Tapes" 2:07
    Mujibur - Apollon/Muslimgauze "Dark Thoughts" 2:13
    Jemtez Plateau - Auntie Horror Film "Now I See It All" 4:41
    Seed - Doppler 20:20 - "Art Electrique"
    Out There - Operation Mind Control "Funkturm" 4:34
    Eighth Commandment - Chemical Plant "Caveat Emptor" 2:35

The interactive guide on the Almanac CD should "autorun" on Windows PCs. If you have a Mac, locate the 'Almanac' CD on your desktop and click on the almanac2004_OSXand9 icon therein.

In the unlikely event you have problems running the disc, these are some issues we noticed in development.

Monitor: Please ensure your monitor is set for thousands of colours. Performance may also be significantly impaired if your screen does not have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Windows PCs (98, 2000, NT and XP): Runs on all these platforms. However, if you only get the music this is because we put on too much for some CDROM drives to recognise the guide part, Sorry!

Mac: Requires CarbonLib extension. If you do not have appropriate version - For OS8.6 - 1.3.1; for 9.2.2 - 1.5 The guide will not run and you will get a warning message. It may be posssible to download relevant CarbonLib extension from Apple download site, alternatively downloading Flash 7 from Macromedia site may provide a fix.

Browser version: Still struggling? Email me with subject "Almanac Browser version" at the contact address top right and I'll arrange to send you a SWF file. You will need to download Flash 6 or 7 for this to run, but it will then play in most popular browsers.