When Daylight Comes

Hurt Me, I'm Yours ep
Atre Friends Symmetric image
Are Friends Symmetric ADOR 2389 2005 D.O.R.
Rivers Run Dry
    Mauve Zone 5:10
    The Comfort 5:11
    Touching The Centre 4:09
    Candlewax 5:14
    She Doesn't Know 4:38
    Hurt Me, I'm Yours 3:34
    The Other Side 5:00
    Small Words 5:04
    One Day I'll Come Ashore 6:54

post-trance urban folk

"are friends symmetric" mixes Faye Rochelle's ethereal voice with middle-eastern percussion, guitar and electronics, creating a warm melodic intimate ambient experience. Favourably compared to current work by David Sylvian, Dead Can Dance, Pram and Cocteau Twins.

Spooncurve will be playing a series of select, intimate shows and webcasts in 2005, to showcase "are friends symmetric". For each performance, they will be accompanied by film projections and film loops to enhance the visual journey of the music.

The track "Hurt Me, I'm Yours" will be released via iTunes in July 2005 as a digital only single with two re-mixes. The album itself will not be made available, for digital download until early in 2006.