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Urban Mantras
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Subtitles (The Urban Mantras remix ep)
Subtitles (The Urban Mantras 12" remix ep) ADOR 1409 1999 D.O.R.

    Herdsman - Shimmer
    Doppler 20:20/Pearl - Drift
    Freeform - Surburban Matriss
    Noon - Memento (Phat As French Mix)
A 4 track 12", featuring remixes of tracks from Funkturm's 1998 CD release Urban Mantras.

Herdsman - Shimmer
recorded at The Fortress
produced by Tim Whelan of Transglobal Underground

Doppler 20:20
/Pearl - Drift
recorded at Law & Auder
produced by Martin Lee Stephenson and PEarle

- Surburban Matriss
recorded in Stepney
produced by Simon Pyke

Noon- Memento (Phat As French Mix)
engineered and produced by Stephane Lombard