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Sonido Quebrado ADOR 2347 2012 D.O.R.
Tweek 0.16
    We Take What We Can 4.29
    Leave It On 5.48
    Maybe I Shouldn't Have 1.46
    I Remember Now 2.59
    I'm Feeling Slightly Better 5.11
    I Love It When You {Dub} Me 5.26
    Just 0.07
    Don't You Get It Yet 4.49
    Tight at the End of My Funnel 1.26
    Now? Perhaps? 1.36
    A Bit Off the End 0.10
    Did You Expcet Flowers 2.41
We Said
Originally recorded in 2009, perhaps now is the time to release Sonido Quebrado on iTunes?