Sentimental Sickness image
Sentimental Sickness ADOR 4327 2004 D.O.R.

Syphilitic Malaise

    Celestial Sickness 7:29
    Bastard Gigantes Axis 2:37
    Dolabriform Romance 6:45
    Lovesick Pessimistic 5:02
    Electropolis 1:39
    Icicle Sewer 5:05
    Agora 5.35 a.m. 8:25

Apeiron make microtonal soul from the "chaos of infinite possibility"

The source of the sounds on this debut album originate from a 2600 series Arp, and on 'Sentimental Sickness' Apeiron mix together an array of ideas and musical concepts old and new, expanding the experimental microtonal attitude with manipulation via contemporary technology.

The overview of the 'Sentimental Sickness' project was to create, using these principles a music that is not anchored in sentimentality.

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