Prana and Drum ADOR 2341 1999 D.O.R.
    Chan 11.04
    Goat Shepherd, The Cypress Tree 4.49
    Sati 7.27
    Fetish in Dream Time 9.58
    Anagarika 7.51
    Shirk 8.42
    Theme for an Imaginary Romance 6.08
Prana and Drum is essentially a 'live' project using no samples, sequences or computers. Recorded in the Red Fort 24 track analogue studio in Southall, England. The music crosses genres, ideas and cultures - Persian, Punjabi, African and other ethnic instruments and styles are blended with western bass lines, guitars and drums.

The album is co-produced by Martin Lee Stephenson and tabla exponent Kuljit Bhamra. Kuljit has produced over 800 tracks in the Bhangra scene and earned a number of Gold discs. His tabla playing can be found on the films Wings Of A Dove, Little Princess and Bhaji On The Beach (where he was also the musical director). He also has performed as a session musician for Suede and The Auteurs, amongst others.

Also featured on the album are Persian music expert Christoph Bracher on Djembe and Zarb, drummer Lol Gellor and singers Faye Rochelle and Anita Masih.