Pale Saint Large Image
Pale Saint ADOR 101 1992 D.O.R.
Ganymede Ext
    Moose Indian I 2:30
    Moose Indian II 2:10
    Steal 4:00
    Christian Nation 4:20
    Pale Saint 5:00
    Athletes Of God 4:00
    Sirhan Chador 4:05
    Tragedy III 5:10
    The King Of Memphis 5:35
    Saturday Night Special 3:40
    The Great Dictator 5:05
    Kiss No Better 5:00
    Smother Mummies 4:50
    Love Is No Guarantee 4:36
"W.M.T.I.D. is a perfect case for reincarnation, because by the time the penny's dropped and you've realised what you've been missing you're already dead"

People say that W.M.T.I.D. are influenced by New Order, The Pet Shop Boys and the Cassandra Complex, but they would contend that pigeon-holing is inappropriate to their deconstructed electronic pop. If the metaphorical gun was put to their heads they would state influences like the Sex Pistols, Sisters of Mercy and The The!