Auntie Horror Film
Now I See It All
Pagan Dusk
    On An Arab Trip 2:43
    Now I See It All 3:19
    Breath Of Jungle 3:08
    Asuncion Central: wallachia mix 7:44
    Jemtez Plateau: prussian blue mix 4:45
    The Philosophical Joke 3:02
    Roger's Chicken 4:03
    Sardinian Sunrise 3:58
    Djinn Palace 5:19
    Gondwanaland 3:47
    Asuncion Central: kama loka mix 6:39
    Jemtez Plateau: amina dub mix 6:29
    Ziggurat 7:59
    Trash Edi 7:16
The solo project of Transglobal Underground's Mantu

The titles for this limited edition CD album were screen printed onto the clear jewel case