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Operation Mind Control
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Subtitles 12" ep
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Urban Mantras
Urban Mantras ADOR 409 1998 D.O.R.
    Shimmer 6:48
    Call Sign 5:36
    Narcolepsy 7:48
    When I Sleep... 1:05
    Static 4:47
    Memento 4:58
    Fragile 9:36
    Binary System 6:01
    hidden mantra 0:29
Urban Mantras combines breakbeats with manipulated voices and found sounds to produce nine subtle, minimalist grooves. The essences of various strands of electronica and dance music have been extracted and re-assembled, creating a disorientating and unique montage of hypnotic rhythms and soaring sounds.

The CD is an evocation of the state between waking and sleep. In the urban environment, the waking can sometimes prompt dread, sometimes the excitement of possibilities. From the claustrophobic yet sparse programmed beats of Narcolepsy, Binary System and Static, to the joyful breakbeat ambiences of Drift and When I Sleep..., this release is a soundtrack to various dreams; offering an escape from the realm of the real to the worlds of imagination.

All titles are processed, programmed and produced by Richard Gallon. His previous CD releases include Funkturm (as Operation Mind Control) and Caveat Emptor, by ambient experimental percussion duo Chemical Plant. The Urban Mantras package includes a 12 page booklet, with a visual interpretation of each track.