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Where's The Funk? ep
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Sonido Quebrado
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Doppler 20:20
Musica Liquida
ADOR 2381 2006 D.O.R.
    Blowin' the Dust 1:59
    What's Outside? 0:50
    Still No Message 6:27
    Inevitable Hold 2:45
    Broken Promise 6:42
    Changing the Spools 4:11
    Crome Yellow 4:09
    Sweet Like Blue 2:37
    Clockwork Lemon 3:51
    You Should Say Funk 4:39
    Frog in a Crimson Cup 1:00
    Stain on the Coffee Table 3:45
    Where's the Pills? 0:18
    Over the Moon 3:09
    Cracking the Ice 8:34

This time producer Martin Lee-Stephenson - as Doppler 20:20 - reverts to tape looping and minimalist beat-stepping to create a sound collage of melting tones and dissolving rhythms, skip-time electronica and vacuumed ambience, crushed free jazz and drum science without the use of computer, sampler or sequencer.

This release will be an individually limited edition hand painted sleeve.

iTunes Release date 28th August 2007
CD Release date Summer 2009