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D.O.R. releases:
Catalogue as of Summer 2012

Apeiron Sentimental Sickness
Apollon aleatorical
Apollon Crowned and Conquering Child
Apollon The Whore
Apollon .. and the Beast She rides upon
Apollon Emerald Tablet
Apollon/Muslimgauze Dark Thoughts
Apollon/Muslimgauze Year Zero
Auntie Horror Film Now I See It All
Chemical Plant Caveat Emptor
Chemical Plant World Is Bankrupt 12"EP
Chemical Plant Stored 12" EP
Chemical Plant The Cold Store Tapes
Doppler 20:20 Art Electrique
Doppler 20:20 Where's The Funk? 12"EP
Doppler 20:20 Klangfarbenmelodie
Doppler 20:20 Musica Liquida
Doppler 20:20 Sonido Quebrado
Fork Autoscript
Funkturm Subtitles12"EP
Funkturm Urban Mantras
Funkturm Strata
Green Violonite Club Music for the Cloudy Escape
Koan Prana and Drum
Moondogg God's Wallop
Multicide Pathogenesis
Muslimgauze Abu-Dis
Operation Mind Control Funkturm
Spooncurve Are Friends Symmetric
Spooncurve Hurt Me, I'm Yours
Spooncurve When Daylight Comes
Spooncurve Clairsentience
Switch What You Are
W.M.T.I.D. Pale Saint

The Elements Series Volume 1 - Water
The Elements Series Volume 2 - Earth
The Elements Series Volume 3 - Fire
The Elements Series Volume 4 - Air
Drift - Soundart and Acoustic Ecology
Almanac 2003
Almanac 2004 - Seeing the Unseen

D.O.R also sells releases by the following Labels:
D Script
Law And Auder
Total F. I.