God's Wallop
God's Wallop
ADOR 811 2001 D.O.R.
Power Trip
    Blood Is On Our Hands 4:09
    Catch My Love 3:30
    That Chill 4:46
    I'm Still Bleeding 3:41
    Nothing's Sacred 3:21
    For God's Sake 4:13
    Been Here Before 3:26
    Up To The Sky 3:36
    Loaded Gun 4:10
    Righteous Life 3:49
    American Horse 6:10
God's Wallop is the long awaited follow-up to Moondogg's critically acclaimed debut album Fat Lot of Good. It is a fusion of Andrews riffs and guitar work , inspired by his years of living in the Arizona desert, Westwoods American vocals and song-stuctures and Lee-Stephenson's underground dance beats and breaks from London and Los Angeles.