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Urban Mantras
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Operation Mind Control
Funkturm ADOR 401 1994 D.O.R.


    Hearing Voices 4:41
    Beat Motel 5:41
    Tune:Out 7:04
    Status 6:26
    Hands 6:51
    Snowblind 6:52
    The Call 7:00
    Out There 4:58
    Funkturm 8:18
    Tune-In 3:16
Operation Mind Control have released one album - Funkturm (ADOR 401, 1994) on D.O.R. The tracks on this CD use various percussion instruments, radio transmissions and other samples to create a hybrid of techno and musique concrete. Using the radio transmissions as the skeleton and structural elements of these recordings, this CD has a conceptual feel similar to the recent Conet Project releases, and is an exploration of "the dichotomy of technology in its function for global communication: on one hand increased access to information; on the other increased sublimation of the individual."