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Where's The Funk? ep
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Musica Liquida
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Sonido Quebrado
Art Electrique
Doppler 20:20
Art Electrique
DCRD 007 1996 d_script
Furtive Mind
    Cantankerous 9:57
    Bed Spring 6:26
    Changing 2:18
    Dada 6:11
    Sine Gentlemen Please 6:28
    Seed 2:00
    Pang 1:35
    Diary of A Lost Man 4:44
    Sharp Shame 7:46
    Me in Carnation 9:23
    And Now Where 9:11
The debut album from Martin Lee-Stephenson's Doppler 20:20 concept, a collage of Aphex/Sqrps style drum+bass, texture digital and analogue FX ambience, electronic tinkerings and a germ of dub (Bed Spring, Me In Carnation and Cantankerous) The album varies from isolated experimental beats (Furtive Mind, Changing and Pang) to full voiced musical arrangements, (Sine Gentleman Please) and sonic assaults (Diary of a Lost Man).

The minimalist sleeve design (which unfortunately doesn't scan well) was by Mat Pyke prior to him joining The Designer's Republic.