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Chemical Plant with Pinkie Maclure and Fiona Sail
The Cold Store Tapes ADOR 761 1998 D.O.R.
    1.47 1:47
    4.18 4:18
    2.34 2:34
    7.43 7:43
    2.18 2:18
    4.48 4:48
    0.25 0:25
    2.34 2:34
    2.17 2:17
    6.04 6:04
    1.19 1:19
The Cold Store Tapes were recorded in June 1990 at The Nine Elms Cold Store, a disused meat warehouse in Vauxhall, London. Originally released on Chemical Plant's own Chainsaw label, this album has been unavailable since 1994. The re-discovery of the original master tapes and a growing interest generated by the few copies still in circulation, has led to this underground curio's re-release on D.O.R.

In part, interest has been renewed by various remixers, who have tried to obtain copies because of the tracks' specific and unusual feel and dynamic range. An ep - Stored - containing some of the resulting mixes has been released alongside the CD.

The CD captures this improvised acoustic performance in all of its raw intensity and allure. The selections have been edited and mastered directly from the original stereo cassette recording, without processing. The natural echo created by the massive empty concrete hangar lend these recordings a unique presence. The sound captured is that of the building itself, as 'played' by those involved. The percussion consists of materials found at the site.

Chemical Plant are Ashley Davies and Richard Gallon. Ashley is one half of the 'art terrorism' ensemble Project DARK, whose art objects in 7" format and live performances with pyrotechnics have delighted audiences from New York to Berlin. Richard creates multimedia installations, including 'Echo Chamber' - shown in London last year - which combined photography and sound. He also records under the name Funkturm. Pinkie performs and records regularly under her own name, and has had several London exhibitions of her paintings. Fiona Sail was one of the main organisers of 'Incarceration', a themed multimedia installation involving several sound and visual artists. She is currently working on her next project