Missy Undertone
Green Violonite Clubb
Music for the Cloudy Escape ADOR 6121 2006 D.O.R.
flat sun set 2:50
    dead blues 4:54
    cat's walkman 2:42
    its strings thigh 5:20
    my 8 feet friend 2:25
    pale actress 3:13
    the chase 2:21
    upload lullabies 4:46
    missy undertone 3:21
    five endings story 4:02
    Enhanced Section
    cloudy escape animation
    cloudy escape screensaver
Initiated by Julien Demeuzois, a musician and a multimedia artist, also responsible for etereo expandeum Club and various net.art projects, Green Violonite Club became a duo, when Tamara Goukassova (the Konki Duet) joined.

In his work, Julien invents imaginary worlds mixing literature, cinema and new media. This first album escaped from one of these worlds filled with ghosts and cloudy dreams. Julien’s abstract, yet organic electronics and Tamara’s violin, revealing a classical background and tainted with shiny-melancholic minimal pop ambient experimentations, are the major ingredients of this record.