are friends symmetric image
are friends
whne daylight comes image
When Daylight

Hurt Me, I'm Yours image
Hurt Me, I'm Yours
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Clairsentience ADOR 2411 2009 D.O.R.
We Cover The Moon
    When Daylight Comes
    Paper Sky, No Blue
    The Same As This
    Day to Day
    Intelligent Design
    Dorian Gray
    Honey in the Sun
    All The Pretty Little Horses

Spooncurve's new album "Clairsentience" is composed of plaintive love songs that in their minutiae are both heartfelt and intimate but also joyfully uplifting. The beautiful melodies and Faye's hauntingly ethereal voice are showcased by the peeled back instrumentation.

Like Spooncurve's previous 2005 album "Are Friends Symmetric", "Clairsentience" has a uniqueness of vision based on the genre crossing organic evolution of their music.

This CD album, packaged in special gatefold sleeve, will be released on 6th July 2009. Also available on iTunes