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World Is Bankrupt ep
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Cold Store Tapes
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Stored 12" ep
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Chemical Plant
Caveat Emptor
ADOR 751 1993 D.O.R.
Eighth Commandment
    Stripmining 4:29
    Excitation 6:19
    Caveat Emptor 5:06
    Slave to Your Greed 6:58
    Trapped 4:25
    Steelsprung 3:32
    D.O.A. 4:04
    Vultures 3:35
    No Time 6:26
    Spark 4:00
    Omerta 12:42
Caveat Emptor features vocals by Penelope Andrews; samples, programming and production by Tim Whelan; drums/percussion and samples from Hamilton Lee. The first edition was limited to 500 copies and was packaged in a specially designed black box.

The First Edition was released in a special black embossed box containing a poster and sleeved CD. The Second edition (as pictured) was released in a standard CD jewel case with different artwork.