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Caveat Emptor
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Cold Store Tapes
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Stored 12" ep
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Chemical Plant
World Is Bankrupt
5 track ep: CDS/12"
ADOR 743/3 1992 D.O.R.

    Suffer In Silence 3:41
    World Is Bankrupt 3:27
    Teledisc 3:50
    Get the World Outta my Head 5:26
    7.43 5:02
Features vocals by Pinkie Maclure, and samples, programming and production by Tim Whelan.

.... "Very ritualistic in their finished product, the music is very rhythmic, a percussive orgy limited only by your imagination. There is a dance potential, but I cannot see C.P. becoming a club hit, alas, we live in a world devoid of justice. To match the excessive passions of the mechanical bombardment, Pinkie Maclure pushes her voice to the limits. The best of the five tracks must be "7.43" which see's C.P. sounding like an industrial Gamelan whilst all the time the screams of a witch (or is it a siren?) play on the strings of your soul" ....
UN issue 1
Paul Toohill