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Various Artists
ADOR 2003 2002 D.O.R.
nomadstation - An Introduction to Arson
    Doppler 20:20 - Blowin' the Dust 2:28
    Fork - 247365 2:15
    Fork - Siren 3:28
    Funkturm - DJ Ghost 2:45
    Apollon - The Rape of the Lock 3:20
    Doppler 20:20 - Crome Yellow 4:16
    Funkturm - Suma 7:12
    Apollon - Opening The Veil 2:21
    nomadstation - The Smoke of His Past Rose into the Barcelona Air 4:54
Specially produced for the 9th Sonar festival in June 2002.

This very limited edition album is presented in cardboard sleeves recovered from a fire - was it arson?

The CD itself features two tracks from the forthcoming albums by Apollon, Doppler 20:20, Fork, Funkturm and nomadstation. The accompanying booklet will be available free from the D.O.R stand at Sonar and other tenth anniversary events.