Regretfully Muslimgauze passed away on 14th January 1999.

Muslimgauze released over 90 CDs and many re-mixes. A full discography of his releases is available at

Muslimgauze wrote and produced two albums with Apollon, for release on D.O.R. - Dark Thoughts and Year Zero. His re-mix album Abu-Dis was released as a posthumous tribute in 2002.

He also remixed a track for Doppler 20:20 which appears on Where's The Funk? as well as a number of remixes for Spooncurve. A large number of his albums have been released by Soleil Moon and Staalplaat

Muslimgauze website

Dark Thoughts ImageApollon/Muslimgauze - Dark Thoughts
Year Zero ImageApollon/Muslimgauze - Year Zero
Abu-Dis ImageAbu-Dis