The Green Violonite Club

Initiated by Julien Demeuzois, a musician and a multimedia artist, also responsible for etereo expandeum Club and various net.art projects, Green Violonite Club became a duo, when Tamara Goukassova (the Konki Duet) joined.

In his works, Demeuzois invents imaginary worlds mixing literature, cinema and new media. He studied at the French school of art with the multimedia artist 'orlan'. During this period, he made several CD ROM projects, video installations and music interactively linking selected excerpts from books, films and video games. His work has been exhibited worldwide. Most recently at the 18th Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany), File 2004 (Brazil), Computer Space 2004 (Bulgaria), Flash Festival (Pompidou Art Centre) (France) and Machinista Scotland

One third of The Konki Duet, Tamara has collaborated with a number of artists including Drahomira Song Orchestra, Celluloid Mata, James Plotkin, Ultra Milkmaids and more.