Funkturm began recording in 1996, and is processed, programmed and produced by Richard Gallon. Originally a studio project, in the last few months Gallon has been joined by dj and sound manipulator Timothy Evans to enable Funkturm to perform live. In a performance setting, Funkturm's mesh of skewed tunes and hypnotic electronic rhythms are re-created and re-configured using various analogue and digital technologies, turntables and samples. This duo have created well-received improvised sets at Baggage Reclaim, The Foundry, and a recent live-to-air radio broadcast on ResonanceFM. More appearances will follow in the coming months.

Funkturm's organic electronica extracts and re-assembles strands of various ambient and electronic music, creating a stimulating and unique montage of free-flowing structures, exciting rhythms and evocative sounds, conjuring images and sound collisions that seem simultaneously strange yet reassuring.

The 14 recordings on new release Strata herald a more improvised approach, reflecting the current live set up, which blends planned, improvised and accidental inputs. Tracks are structured around sparks which retain their original intent and energy. Layers of other atmospheres were then added.

Meet visual artist, website coordinator and sound designer Richard Gallon via his own web site.

Funkturm at Sonar
Cinematography by Martin Picton
Editing by Richard Gallon
Music - Spooncurve "Hurt Me (Dirty Funkturm mix)"
Copyright 2007 D.O.R. and Martin Picton and Richard Gallon All Rights Reserved