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Doppler 20:20

Doppler 20:20 is written and produced by Martin Lee-Stephenson, whose credits as writer / producer and/or artist / re-mixer include Moondogg,Spooncurve, Oyster, Vulse, Pigface, Sons of the Subway, Kuljit Bhamra, Sundew, Blue Water School, Cranium HF, Law and Auder, DJ Hustler.....

Doppler 20:20 have released four albums - Art Electrique, Klangfarbenmelodie, Musica Liquida and Sonido Quebrado - contributed several tracks to compilations, including Avantgardism 1 & 2, EastWestercism on the Law and Auder label, and D.O.R.'s Earth. Also many re-mixes.

Doppler 20:20 are experimental but accessible, combining many forms of electronica with a world music influence. Re-mixes from Klangfarbenmelodie are available on the first in the Organic / Electronic 12" series - Where's The Funk?

This video is included in the Enhanced CD Air: The Elements Series Volume4
Visuals by Doppler 20:20
Music by Doppler 20:20
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