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Chemical Plant

At their core, Chemical Plant are a duo of Ashley Davies and Op M.C., but have collaborated with many other artists. The sound is a balance of hypnotic percussion and experimental/ambient sound montages, mixed with ethereal vocals and paranoid commentaries.

Chemical Plant have created soundtracks for films, live performances for art installations (Anne Sorenson's DISTURBANCE) and a site-specific sound improvisation, documented as The Cold Store Tapes.

By the same authors:
Stored - 1998
Caveat Emptor - 1994
World Is Bankrupt - 1993

This video is included in the Enhanced CD "Air: The Elements Series Volume 4"
Visuals by Doppler 20:20, Martin Picton and Richard Gallon
Edited by Richard Gallon
Music by Chemical Plant
Copyright 2002 D.O.R. Richard Gallon and Chemical Plant All Rights Reserved