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A_Symetric Minds

Remember, deep in the historic urban centre of the Barrio Gótico, hidden in one of those forgotten city council buildings … a few metres away from the permanent human flow of energy from the Rambla, connected to the majestic new Catalan opera of the Liceu, blended in the multi-ethnic low cost crowd, searching for another human adventure, a narrow pass through a jumbled mix of electronic hype jazz sound system, an open space where some obscure freelance artists tried to earn a few pesetas, one of them had his electronic music components set up, waiting in the dust to be plugged in…
One of those nights, after one of his nocturnal rides through the local jazz clubs, the saxophonist ended up in this place, meeting the electronic components both already warmed up by the city fever. Soon after this first night, attracted by the open experimental field we had just discovered, the cellist next door stopped by and we all felt good. Those quiet days in Barcelona were the time and the place where the story of Asymetric Minds began, in winter 2001.
Asymetric-minds, with their eccentric, eclectic background is a trio truly open to the world, paving its way through the various deconstructed western music cultures.
In the very heart of Barcelona, at the forefront of the art world, three French artists reach for their eldorado through the perfect merging of their skills: cello, saxophone and machines. A three-way union stemming from the will to share their inspirations with seasonal guests, bringing in fresh new waves of music from other lands: a long lasting union of cultures.
A tour operator of sound, Asymetric-minds is making its way towards unexplored horizons of experimentation in real time. Followers of mastered improvisation in an aerobic environment. Their act gives birth to one-of-a-kind musical compositions which challenge as yet undeveloped immature acoustic reference points. Whether performed spontaneously or across continents the vibe always bares all at the end of the journey.
To experience on stage live or be listened to in off-the-wall circumstances.