Apollon are featured on Earth:The Elements Series Volume 2 and collaborated with Muslimgauze to produce the albums Dark Thoughts and Year Zero.

The first release on D.O.R. was "aleatorical" in spring 2003. This was followed by a the trinity of releases "Crowned and Conquering Child", "The Whore" and " .. and the Beast She Rides Upon" showing Apollon revisiting and updating his isolationist ambient roots. His most recent album is "Emerald Tablet" and he is currently collaborating with Dirar Kalash on their forthcoming release "Isolated Palestine"

In the visuals area you can watch the video for Apollon/Muslimgauze "Camel Turning The Well Wheel" from Air: The Elements Series Volume 4

This video "Camel Turning The Well Wheel" is included in the Enhanced CD "Air: The Elements Series Volume 4"
Visuals by Apollon
Music by Apollon/Muslimgauze

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