Apeiron is an approach to music conceived over many years of discussion, by three people with very different backgrounds and experiences but with a common ground in writing with sounds from sources of an unpredictable nature.

Ashley Davies whose projects include Project Dark, iD and None.
Jimi Papatzanataes who also performs with S.40 Sound Projects and has collaborated with Temple Of Sound among others.
Apostoles Tsopelas who also performs with S.40 Sounds Projects

Apeiron is not about creating 'new music' from infinite possibilities, it is to live in the chaos of infinite possibility.

Apeiron's album Sentimental Sickness was released on D.O.R. in September 2004. It examines the process of musical composition with the removal of its 'traditional' sentimental formats with monophonic sounds created from a 2600 Series Arp.