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D.O.R.'s identity and direction is created by the artists who collaborate with us. D.O.R. is both a catalyst and sponsor of new music and artistic forms.

The work of those involved with D.O.R is true multimedia, whether video, interactive enhanced CDs, artwork created by the musicians themselves or just great music. For a past flavour of D.O.R, view our 2003 interactive label guide, the

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Currently the following artists are working with D.O.R.
A_Symetric Minds
Doppler 20:20

Green Violonite Club

The following artists have released music on D.O.R. in the past Apeiron
Auntie Horror Film Chemical Plant Koan Multicide Moondogg Muslimgauze Operation Mind Control Vulse and W.M.T.I.D

We will return from our hiatus, with new releases from Apollon, Doppler 20:20 , Funkturm and Spooncurve to celebrate our 25th year

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Request a free copy of our 2004 Almanac "Seeing The Unseen" - "17 virulent strains of new electronic music from the UK outer limits label D.O.R" - with any order from our shop

Or buy it from the Wire magazine with issue 245